About Me

I am Janie Morris, a furniture designer and maker from Portobello in Edinburgh. I began making furniture after working as a theatre stage manager for a decade.

Combining an eye for practical detail and captivating aesthetics, my furniture should always be elegant and tasteful, fitting effortlessly into the space for which it is designed. My work is fundamentally informed by the client’s needs and design preferences, and I take great care to truly understand the brief, both pragmatically and artistically. I am also very happy to advise customers, particularly around the types of wood that are available sustainably, or by designing structurally sound and appealing pieces from their initial ideas based on their needs.

With a long-held interest in design, art and architecture, I wanted a career which would allow me to express myself creatively and usefully. Working with my hands in a practical and honest way really appealed to me, and after a lot of soul searching I enrolled in the Chippendale School of Furniture, began my intensive training in the autumn of 2014 and the rest is history.

One of my pieces from my year at Chippendale, the ‘Mavis’ cabinet, was selected by Richard DeMarco to be part of his exhibtion of 6 pieces by up-and-coming furniture designer/makers at the Scottish Parliament in June 2015. I subsequently sold another of my pieces at my graduate exhibition held at Chippendale. The Japanese Style room divider now has pride of place in a beautiful private home in Stoke-On-Trent.

Since my graduation I have been working out of a shared workshop in East Lothian, and have just moved into a workshop of my own in Portobello, designing and making furniture and smaller objects from wood to order for customers around the UK.